Information is Power
When it comes to helping your child succeed, the more you know, the more you can do to help. A psychoeducational assessment may be the right path for increased understanding, building self-efficacy and maximizing potential. 

Are you concerned about your child's academic struggles?  Do you feel something is interfering with your child meeting his or her potential?  Often times, the factors underlying learning struggles are never identified or are misunderstood.  Accurate diagnostic information is the key to eliminating the trial and error approach that often accompanies educational interventions. Dr. Peterson can help your family understand your child's unique learning profile in order to help him or her achieve their best. 

Psychoeducational assessment combines interviews, observations and testing. Cognitive, attentional, emotional and behavioral domains are examined. Appreciating the child's perspective is also a critical aspect of the assessment process. Dr. Peterson's doctoral research examined the self-efficacy of young learners and she strives to provide each child a positive image of their own ability and achievement. 

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